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We appreciate that since we moved to SC you can no longer sample a new wine before making a purchase. Send an email to receive a code for special discounts on new releases.

Quantity Discounts

An automatic discount of 10% will be applied for purchases of 12 or more bottles.  Shop Now

1 complimentary glass with the purchase of 3-5 bottles

  2 complimentary glasses with the purchase 6-11 bottles

      3 complimentary glasses with the purchase of 12 bottles


  To receive your wine glass(es) type "Complimentary Glass

   Offer" in the notes section on the check out page.



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Use the promo code SixFree to get free shipping on orders of 6 or more bottles of wine.  Shop Now

Discounts can be used in combination, by typing in the promo codes with commas in between.

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