Shipping Policy

•  All wines are shipped by Federal Express Ground Service and can be shipped to most US states.


•  All wine shipments must be received and signed  for by an adult over the age of 21.




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Old Favorites

All of our Westfall red and white wines are now sold only with the Island Winery label, If you were a fan of our MidSummer White please try our Sea Island White, it is the same wine. The Spanish Passion recipe hasn't changed, just its name. It is Southern Passion. Peach Chardonnay also the same recipe, but is called Peach on the Beach.


New and Interesting Wines

If you were a fan of the Skylands Blush, we recommend you try our Harvest White Wine. It is made from the Carlos Muscadine grape which has a similar taste to the grapes used in the Sklyands Blush. The Harvest White Muscadine has more floral notes along with the classic grape juice flavor. Margarita Cocktail Wine is a very popular Island Wine that we never sold at Westfall. It a perfect summer thirst quencher with flavors of lime and tequila. Cranberry Wine and Apple Cinnamon Wine are available during the fall.




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