The Mortimer family, owner of Westfall Farm since 1940, sold our family treasure. Loren and Georgene Mortimer operated Westfall Winery on the farm since 2000.


Owning and operating Westfall Winery in Montague, NJ and Island Winery in Hilton Head SC, Loren and Georgene traveled up and down the coast to make wines at both locations for 10 years. We finally put our roots down in South Carolina and are still making wine.


Westfall classics wines and new wines can still be purchased and shipped to your doorstep. Here



Limited Supply of Westfall Winery Glasses

are still available and can be purchased here.

Or can be included for free in a wine order.


If you ever find yourself traveling south, we'd love to see y'all down at the Island Winery in Hilton Head South Carolina!



Cranberry Wine and Apple Cinnamon Wine now available




12A Cardinal Rd, Hilton Head SC  29926